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Sia gave us all a Thanksgiving holiday treat to remember when she released her new single “One Million Bullets” on Black Friday. In case you missed it: It’s one of her most powerful songs to date and we are fully into it.

The track, about finding the right person after a series of bad relationships, is so heartwarming we want to wrap our arms around it and have a snuggle. “Yeah I picked the wrong kind/Time after time/I drank from the poisoned wine,” Sia sings. All we can think is ME TOO!

It’s hard to imagine anyone else singing these words after you hear them from Sia, but the funny part is this is the third single revealed from her forthcoming album, This Is Acting, which is made up entirely of songs she wrote for other people.

She hasn’t revealed who, if anyone she had in mind for “One Million Bullets,” but can we put in our money for Katy Perry? Or Adele maybe? Still, we’re glad Sia kept this one for herself.

This Is Acting is out on January 29, 2016. So far, judging by the pictures and her SNL performance, Sia still has no plans to perform face-forward for the album. We’re waiting with bated breath to see what she does for this video though!

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