Angelica Florio
April 01, 2017 5:28 pm

Everyone has been tuning into HBO’s Big Little Lies to watch the Monterey drama unfold. Whether it be for the mysterious and suspenseful murder plot in which everyone’s a suspect, the refreshingly complex female characters, or the outrageously expensive and gorgeous houses, Big Little Lies catching everyone’s attention.

Sadly, the show that balances a dark story of domestic violence with beautiful ocean views and seemingly inane small-town gossip is ending this weekend, and many people will be left with Big Little Lies-shaped hole in their heart after it’s over. We’ll always have the memories— and the amazing soundtrack— but there are other shows out there that might fill the void after Big Little Lies ends. What will we do without Laura Dern freaking out in her gorgeous mansion overlooking the ocean?!

Here are 7 other shows you’ll love to stream if you’re head over heels for Big Little Lies.

1Desperate Housewives (Hulu)

Wisteria Lane holds as many secrets, if not more, as Monterey does in Big Little Lies. The first season begins with a mysterious murder, and the way that these housewives with seemingly perfect lives gossip, lie, compete— while remaining friends who share tender vulnerable moments with each other— is very similar to the leading ladies in Big Little Lies operate. Have a watch if you haven’t already!

2Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix)

Speaking of housewives with secrets, Drew Barrymore’s new show Santa Clarita Diet is a dark comedy about a suburban zombie. Okay, it’s not exactly like BLL but it’s definitely similar and has the witty dialogue that Reese Witherspoon’s character in Big Little Lies is particularly known for.

3The Killing (Netflix)

Not into Big Little Lies because of its suburban housewife stuff? No problem. Netflix’s The Killing (which airs on AMC) has the crime and mystery that you might be looking for. There’s messy politics, murder, and beautiful scenic views, so it will help you cope with the loss of BLL.

4The O.C. (Hulu)

Regardless of whether or not you miss Big Little Lies, if you haven’t watched The O.C., you really should because it’s a cornerstone of television! Also, it will satisfy your craving for California ocean-views if you are missing those. And mansions. And drama. And… Okay just watch it!

5How to Get Away with Murder (Netflix)

From Monteray to Shondaland, HTGAWM is a natural show to flee to when you’re in need of juicy crime drama and sassy female attitude. None of the women in Big Little Lies put up with each other’s antics and if you love that, you will definitely LOVE Viola Davis’s Annalise Keating, a law-professor and all-around boss.

6The Affair (Showtime)

This show is basically the east-coast version of BLL, and it’s filled with marital strife and amazing acting. Have yourself a looksy and enjoy getting tangled in these complicated webs.

7House of Cards (Netflix)

Last but not least, House of Cards is definitely different from Big Little Lies, but it’s also very similar. Every character has their own story and motivation and it’s all told through the master-manipulator, Frank Underwood’s, eyes. Just like with Big Little Lies, the way that people attempt to use others to get what they want, is fascinating to watch in this highly addictive show.

Happy streaming! And who knows, maybe we will get a season 2 of Big Little Lies after all!