The newest show out of magical Shondaland is — drum roll, pleaseRomeo and Juliet! Because if there’s anyone who can bring to life one of Shakespeare’s greatest romances (OK, OK, it’s really considered a tragedy) it’s Shonda Rhimes and her awesome team.

This new show is called Still Star Crossed, which might sound familiar from reading Romeo and Juliet in high school because that’s a line from the play. The TV show will actually be based off of a book by the same name by Melinda Taub. It’ll also be considered a follow-up, which means it’ll take place after the events of Romeo and Juliet.

Now you’re thinking, “ummmm, don’t they die at the end of the play?” Yes, yes they do, you are correct. So Still Star Crossed will be completely Romeo and Juliet free, unless Shondaland wants to get into the supernatural stuff and bring them back as ghosts (that’s a good idea if you’re listening, Shondaland). According to The Hollywood Reporter, the plot of the show will focus on the continued “conflict between the Capulets and the Montagues in the wake of Romeo and Juliet’s deaths.” So guess things aren’t so great in Verona right now, huh?

It will be very be interesting to see if Shondaland takes the show present day, or keeps it all in the past. The idea of a Shondaland period-piece actually sounds GREAT right about now, even though the name “Benvolio” doesn’t exactly roll right off the tongue.

Scandal writer Heather Mitchell will write the script for Still Star Crossed, and Rhimes along with her long-term producing partner, Betsy Beers, will produce. Keep in mind that Shondaland has only so far sold this project, which means it’s by no means a real show yet. But come on, it totally fits in line with all the other Shondaland shows out there. Meredith and Derek? Olivia and Fitz? Annalise and murder? Their love stories are nothing compared to what’s coming next. For we’ll never get a Shondaland story of more woe, than that of the aftermath of Juliet and her Romeo.

(Image via 20th Century Fox)