Sheryl Crow
Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

It’s a tale as old as time, and now Sheryl Crow has shared her own experiences with ageism and sexism in the music industry.

Given that she was one of our fave female rock stars from the ’90s, it’s safe to say that we’re pretty excited by Sheryl Crow’s return to music with her new album Be Myself. If that weren’t enough, the singer has recently launched her own empowering clothing range, and we have to say it definitely makes us feel happy. She’s also been giving us a teaser into the process of recording her new album with behind the scenes videos, and we’ve had her #throwback-style track “Halfway There” on repeat!

Serious vibes, right?

Well, given how she’s a stalwart of the music industry, Sheryl Crow has been getting pretty real about the ageism and sexism that’s rife in the music industry.

In an interview with Nylon, Crow opened up about her experiences, noting that there were discrepancies between how men and women were talked about in the industry.

“There are far more male ”legends” or “rock heroes” than there are women. I’m not exactly sure why,” she opined. “Motherhood tends to get in the way of longevity. I remember having a conversation with Chrissie Hynde, and she he’d taken eight years off to raise her daughters. She said that coming back was like starting all over again. There is something different about men being able to go on the road then come home to something intact. Women don’t have the luxury of that. I don’t know many male husbands who would stay at home while their rockstar wife is out traveling around.”

Continuing, the singer talked about how, while she doesn’t feel like she gets treated differently, there was a sense of ageism in terms of things being marketed at young people.

Crow, who now lives in Nashville and is raising her two adopted children, also shared her concerns for the stripping away of women’s rights, calling the 45th President “a disturbed, unbalanced human being.”

Meanwhile, Sheryl Crow’s new album Be Myself is expected for release on April 21st. The record was recorded in collaboration with producer Jeff Trott, who helped Crow achieve greatness with ’90s hits “If It Makes You Happy,” “All I Wanna Do,” and “My Favorite Mistake.”

We can’t wait!