A friend recently commented that calling the upcoming Sherlock Christmas episode a “special” was silly because “ALL Sherlock episodes are special.” He’s 1,000% right. Every single episode of Sherlock has been special in its own right. That’s because each episode is an hour and a half long, so it’s like a full-length Sherlock movie! And each one is different and amazing! So let’s start calling this new Sherlock Christmas special an EVENT, because the way we’re going to see it, it truly will be a SPECIAL EVENT.

According to news from UK’s Radio Times, the Sherlock Christmas SPECIAL EVENT will actually screen on theaters around the world. Being referred to as a “global cinema event” this is going to bring us extra holiday cheer this year.

We can thank China for helping make this happen. Sherlock (and Downton Abbey) are two of the biggest TV shows in China, and during the official Chinese state visit to the U.K. by China’s president, it was announced that there will be a new “collaboration between the Chinese and British creative industries” to make more amazing television happen. Another thing announced is that Sherlock is coming to theaters in China.

But why stop at just Chinese theaters when Sherlock and Watson can conqueror THE WORLD? No official list of countries screening the SPECIAL has been announced, so cross your fingers that the U. S. of A. makes the cut. It probably will, since episodes of Doctor Who have screened in US theaters before. And hopefully it will be, because then that means we’re not waiting eons to see it for ourselves on PBS Masterpiece.

The Sherlock Christmas SPECIAL will air on BBC One on Christmas Day, and the plan is for theaters around the world to air it simultaneously. This means the new plan for Christmas morning is to open presents as quickly as possible, and then rush out the door to catch Sherlock in action.

Image via BBC