Crystal Ro
Updated Aug 08, 2016 @ 2:22 pm
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While we begrudgingly wait for Game of Thrones Season 7 to get here (summer of 2017 is waaaaay too far away, UGH!), we can at least delve into some fun theories and behind-the-scenes footage to keep us occupied. For a bit, anyway.

We can also take the time to appreciate how amazing the stars of Thrones are off-set, like Daenerys and Arya, as well as some of the lesser thought of characters like…

Robin Arryn?!


This sickly Lord of the Vale has popped in and out of Thrones over the last six seasons, but we doubt any of you can forget the very first time we met the young ruler of The Eyrie.

When we first met Robin, he was still breastfeeding from his mother Lysa Arryn (Catelyn Stark’s sister).

And throughout the years he’s been, well, a bit of a brat.


Remember when he kicked over Sansa’s Winterfell snow sculpture in Season 4 because it didn’t have a moon door?! (After which, she proceeded to give him the slap heard round the world.)

But while Robin is something of a pain-in-the-ass on Thrones, his real-life counterpart, actor Lino Facioli, is actually very cool and super suave.

Say whaaaaaa?!?!

That’s right, Robin Arryn is maybe the chillest member of the entire Game of Thones cast.

Don’t mind him just lying on a hill.

Oh, and he’s also a hard-working artist!

“Fucking art project is so long, but have to finish by tomorrow.”

And just like any cool teen he’s a Back to the Future fan.


Because, duh, it’s only one of the greatest movies ever made.

Who knows, maybe one day this suave prince will make his way onto the Iron Throne?