Seth Meyers
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

Childbirth is so incredible and there’s no story that isn’t worth hearing. But the tale of how Seth Meyers‘s son came into the world might just be the best. The talk show host had to cancel his Sunday show at the last minute because his wife, Alexi Ashe, went into labor. Back at Late Night on Tuesday, Seth shared what went down that dayspecifically, the very eventful Uber ride to the hospital.

Seth explains that after his wife’s water broke, the two hurried out of the apartment and to the nearest hospital. Their doorman was experienced and helpful, likely because he’s seen many tenants rush to the hospital over the years. But when they got in their Uber, it was clear that a woman in the throes of labor was the last thing the driver expected.

Even the worst Uber experiences probably don’t involve a passenger screaming out of the window, but that’s what happened with Seth and his wife. She spent the entire ride with her head out the window, yelling “I don’t like this!” as they sped around the New York City streets. (Hey, we can’t blame her!)

The best detail, however, might be what happened when the parents-to-be arrived at the hospital. Because it was Easter Sunday, most of the staff was decked out in bunny ears and they kept them on for the entirety of the labor.

We can’t think of a better way to be welcomed into the world! Many congratulations to the happy family and to that Uber driver for assisting in such an awesome moment! Here’s hoping Seth Meyers rated him five stars.