Rachel Paige
Updated Aug 03, 2015 @ 9:35 am

Can you tell we’re just a little bit excited for Fuller House? OK, make that a LOT excited. The brand new Netflix show will pick up with the extended Tanner family later on down the road, and it’ll be like one big, giant reunion. Heck, it’s actually a giant reunion for its stars, who appear to be having a blast from the pics we’ve seen all across the Internet. Any room left in that house for us?

Fuller House went into production a few weeks ago, so that means the cast has gathered, and that means everyone—including Danny, Jesse, Joey, D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Aunt Becky, Steve, AND the twins, Nicky and Alex—is back on set and filming new episodes. In front of a live studio audience, too! The man behind the hair, John Stamos, shared this picture on his Instagram just yesterday of him hanging out with the audience. So jealous of that crew of people because they’ve already SEEN the new Fuller House.

Oldest daughter D.J., aka Candace Cameron-Bure, is really leading the charge with behind the scenes pics and has posted a ton so far. When she’s not busy memorizing her lines as a now-mom for a few youngins, she’s hanging out with her BFF, and her younger sis.

Andrea Barbera also shared a pretty incredibly coffee cup picture. These were the same cups we saw in the pictures from Fuller House’s first table read, and we WANT THEM ALL. Doesn’t matter that they won’t say our names, unless your name is Stephanie, Steve, or Joey.

The show’s in production now, but we’ve still got to wait SO LONG until the spring of 2016 to catch all of Fuller House’s episodes on Netflix. Maybe with all these pictures the wait won’t be that long.

(Images via Instagram)