Ever since we found out that Season Two of Serial will be available this fall, we’ve been on the edge of our seats. After all, it’s fall right now! That means that we’ll be getting a whole new dose of our fave real-life crime podcast oh so soon. While we still don’t have a premiere date for the next season, we do have excellent two-part news for Serial fans.

First: Pandora has become a streaming partner for the podcast. In addition to being available on iTunes and the website, new episodes of Serial will become available for listening on Pandora every Thursday at 6:00 a.m. — the same time as the Serial podcast feed. Each episode will be broken into five-minute chunks on Pandora, making it easier to pick up where you’ve left off if need be — but you’ll also be able to listen to an entire episode seamlessly.

Serial Season One was a phenomenon and we at Pandora are among the many eagerly anticipating Season Two,” said Brian McAndrews, CEO of Pandora, in a statement. “We think our listeners will love Serial and look forward to helping build its growing number of fans.”

Though Serial is, by far, one of the most popular podcasts ever at over 76 million downloads, the fact remains that only a fraction of the public listens to podcasts at all. This new partnership will likely vastly increase Serial‘s audience, according to the podcast’s editorial advisor Ira Glass.

“For people already listening to Serial and This American Life, nothing will change. But we believe lots of people who’d like our shows simply haven’t heard of them, or haven’t started listening to podcasts,” Glass, who is also the host of This American Life, said in the statement. “Serial is the biggest podcast in the world, but only 17% of Americans listen to podcasts at all. That’s why it’s so exciting for us to work with Pandora. Pandora reaches millions of people who never listen to public radio or download podcasts. This’ll get our shows to them.”

The second piece of news has a date attached to it, and we could not be more pumped: On November 24th, Season One will be made available in its entirety on Pandora so we (and new listeners!) can binge-listen all throughout the Thanksgiving holiday, because naturally, real-life crime podcasts pair perfectly with cranberry and turkey. Of course, the second season won’t have to do with Adnan Syed’s alleged involvement in the murder of Hae Min Lee, but we’ll be so down for re-listening while we wait for a Season Two premiere date.

Serial and Pandora are a perfect fit,” McAndrews said in the statement. “We are always looking to delight our listeners with engaging and cutting-edge programming, while Serial is looking to reach the largest audience possible. This gives Pandora listeners yet another reason to tune in.”

Glass has another hope for getting the podcast involved with Pandora. “We also have our fingers crossed that Sarah Koenig’s voice sounds enough like Justin Bieber’s that Pandora’s genome pushes the show on hordes of millennials,” Glass joked.

Either way: Excitement abounds! Now all we need is that darn premiere date, please and thank you.

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