Rachel Paige
Updated Mar 16, 2015 @ 12:39 pm

Clear your schedules to binge watch — again — because there’s an AMAZING rumor that Seinfeld might be streaming online soon. Imagine living in a world where you can fall asleep to Elaine Benes every night, and wake up every morning and start watching again immediately. This is how life just SHOULD be, you guys.

It sounds like Sony Pictures TV — the company who owns the show — has been shopping around for the right place to stream all 172 episodes. Considering the recent huge success of shows that have migrated online (aka, Friends and Gilmore Girls), this is only the best idea for the show. Sure, you might own the Seinfeld box set of DVDs, but you can’t (easily) watch that on your tablet on an airplane, or car, or subway.

Supposedly, Sony went to Netflix, and Netflix passed on the show (GASP, seriously, Netflix? #judging). BUT, Hulu, Amazon and Yahoo! Screen are all interested in the streaming rights, and bidding is currently underway. Which is a major step in this entire process, because guess how much it costs to just buy one episode of Seinfeld? According to The Wall Street Journal, upwards of $500,000 a piece. Let’s not even do that math to figure out what buying every single episode will cost because that might hurt our brains.

But hey, Hulu, Amazon and Yahoo! Screen, that hefty price tab is CERTAINLY worth it, if we do say so ourselves. To celebrate, we’re going to go ahead and start stocking up on our favorite Seinfeld snacks like Junior Mints, assorted soups, and pretzels, which are now making me really thirsty.

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