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Updated May 18, 2020
Time Inc.

These days, millennials get a bad rap for everything from work ethic to appearance. But the truth is, we’re just people. We check a lot of different boxes.

That’s why when we set out to produce Adulting 101, it was important for us to make sure we covered the full spectrum of what it’s like to be on the brink of adulthood in 2017.

Sure, for most of us “adulting” means filing your taxes on time and eating the occasional vegetable. But what about those of us who maybe, actually, have our shit together?

And that brings us to Murray, the last episode of our new series, Adulting 101. Trust us, you’re gonna want to watch this one.

Murray is the other type of millennial; she’s organized, driven, and insanely hard on herself. To help her chill out and live her best life are Life Coach Lisa Trublet, Personal Chef Natasha Feldman and Meditation Coach Atasiea.

Check out the full episode here!