Picture of Luke and Lorelai
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We’re getting closer and closer to Gilmore Girls: Seasons as the days go by. Filming officially finished, the cast celebrated with incredible wrap gifts, and one of the show’s actors might have even slipped when the show will hit Netflix (November). But nothing has us more excited than this interview that actor Scott Patterson, aka Luke Danes, just had with Glamour.

Patterson makes some major hints to Luke’s relationship status with Lorelai. Nothing is 100 percent certain, but all signs point to them being together! The actor had a lot to say about the relationship between the characters.

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“It’s as complex and entertaining as it’s always been—if not more so, actually. In these four mini movies, the relationship is really ramped up and the stakes are much higher,” Patterson told Glamour. “It’s fun playing it, and it’s different. There’s some really juicy stuff in there. I think the fans are going to be wowed by it.”

I have a feeling that Gilmore Girls fans are going to be VERY happy to hear that!

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“We picked up where we left off,” Patterson said of working with Lauren Graham. “The chemistry has always been very, very natural and very easy with her and not surprisingly, it remains that way.”

If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, definitely read the entire interview. Patterson discusses everything from the loss of actor Ed Hermann to the famous final four words of the show. At one point, he calls the Luke’s Diner set his “man fort,” which is downright adorable. It’ll leave you grinning from ear to ear with excitement!