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As if we weren’t already excited enough for the Gilmore Girls revival as it is, we keep getting all jumpy and shouty over every time we see any slither of news. It doesn’t help that Netflix keeps releasing teasers that are hitting us right in the feels, along with cast members like Milo Ventimiglia, who can’t stop teasing us, and newcomers like Sutton Foster, who is living her best Gilmore Girls life.

Now we’ve been baited by even more tantalizing Stars Hollow news, this time from Scott Patterson.

As reported by E! News, Scott was having a good old chat at Entertainment Weekly‘s fab pre-Emmys party, when he decided to reveal even more Gilmore Girls info and we’re a tiny bit worried.

Okay, hold up…What does he mean by fireworks? When we think of fireworks we think of explosions. Omg, we getting nervous that there might be some seriously heated blow outs between our fave Stars Hollow couple.

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Continuing, Scott went on to say that there were going to be some “really intense adult scenes.”

Okay, hold up again…We’re not sure we’re going to be able to take all of this. This is just *WILD* speculation, but imagine if Luke and Lorelai split up and it’s because she’s grieving the loss of her father!? All the coffee, cake, and takeout in the world would make us feel better if that happened.

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That wasn’t all the info that Scott was willing to divulge.

When quizzed about whether the aforementioned “fireworks” had something to do with Lore and Luke and their sexual tension, he had the following to say:

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We don’t have too long now until Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life drops on Netflix (58 days to be precise), so it’s only the small matter of time and then we’ll know EXACTLY what’s going on.

Ugh, we just can’t take it!

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