Sammy Nickalls
Updated May 20, 2016 @ 12:55 pm
scott disick sponsored tweet
Credit: Scott Disick /

The celeb world is just so darn interesting, isn’t it? From Twitter feuds to nude selfie controversies, there’s a reason why we can’t help but click on the latest gossip. And now, Scott Disick has made a major goof on Instagram that is not only hilarious, but gives some fascinating insight into how celebrities use social media to make some serious cash.

Yesterday, Scott posted this shot:

Looks pretty normal, right? Just Scott, enjoying a nice Bootea protein shake. NBD. Except that wasn’t the *original* caption. Freelance social media manager Frankie Greek tweeted a screenshot of the original Instagram post, which revealed a major mistake — that Scott Disick (or his assistant) had copied and pasted an email from the tea’s marketing team that read, “Here you go, at 4pm EST, write the below.” Excepppppt he forgot to delete those instructions before posting. OOPS. false

“When I first saw it I didn’t realize it had just gotten put up, I thought it was a funny mistake made by Scott or maybe someone on his team,” Frankie told HelloGiggles.

Take a gander at Scott’s Instagram, and you can see that he’s promoted *plenty* of products — from tea shakes to jeans to teeth whitening kits. (Scott or his team have since added #ad to some of these Instagram posts, including the Bootea one.)

According to Jezebel, as of earlier this year, Scott makes $15,000 to $20,000 for just one of these Instagram posts, which are referred to in the biz as “sponsored posts.” It just goes to show that you shouldn’t always trust your fave stars and the random products they seem to enjoy! In fact, it seems like people don’t even know who to trust anymore, because some have even accused the whole thing of being a publicity stunt, Frankie told us.

“The weirdest part has been people accusing me of being connected to Scott and the tea company, as if this were part of their marketing strategy,” she said. But she assures us that although she’s a social media connoisseur, she’s not on Scott’s team. “I’m worried about Scott, I feel like he’s going through a lot and I hope I didn’t stress him out,” Frankie joked.

It’s always fascinating to get a peek behind the celebrity curtain, isn’t it?