Ever wish that you could sit in on a class taught by Sonic Youth mastermind Kim Gordon? What about one by fashion mavens Rodarte or artist Marina Abramovic? Yes, friends, it might soon be real life. A new project called School of Doodle aims to bring awesome luminaries like those—plus people like Courtney Love and Sia—into the online classroom in order to educate and empower girls.

The project’s creators, who are currently raising funds on Kickstarter, are proposing a “free online high school for imagination,” where creative types—including some big name, kick-ass celebrities—are teachers. The initiative is designed to help provide resources to girls through a “peer-to-peer self-directed learning lab.” It’s a school where Yoko Ono, who also signed on, can be your virtual teacher in an art class, or Kim Gordon can give you a live video lecture on how to play the guitar. Instead of grades students earn “doodle dollars” to be used for “products that aid imagination,” as well as field trips and live-chats with famous experts. The objective is, as the site explains, to create a place “where girls can exercise their imagination without judgment or measure.”

“Academics call it grit and your mother calls it moxie, but we call it Being Loud,” the site explains. “Being Loud is demanding to be seen and heard. Embracing every part of you—the messy and the neat. Being colorful, curious, compassionate, creative, courageous and confident.”

If you’re interested in backing the project—they’re seeking $75,000 but have only raised $50,000 thus far—you can get a sneak peek at the School of Doodle or even a one-of-a-kind doodle from one of the supporting artists.

It’s like going to an after-school enrichment program only to find Cat Power there, basically. It’s another way for teen girls to find empowerment in a world that often feeds them anything but that. Who wouldn’t want to go to that school?

Check out the Kickstarter video for the school. Bonus points if you can guess who narrates it.

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