Get ready for your new favorite comedy special: Sarah Silverman is coming to Netflix, and it promises to be a sincere sensation. The actress and comedian is gearing up for her first Netflix special, and it looks absolutely hilarious. Rather than offering up an ordinary trailer (as if Sarah Silverman would ever settle for ordinary), we get a sneak peak at her pre-show ritual. After all, a girl has to be minty fresh when hitting the stage… right?

We start off in Sarah Silverman’s dressing room. The comedian greets the audience, then reminisces on how long she’s been working in this field. She explains that over the years, those who stick with comedy tend to have very specific rituals to get through a show.

Silverman’s thoughts on the subject are interrupted as someone tells her it’s time to hit the stage. As Sarah Silverman approaches the curtain, we see a man standing there holding a single pill on a red velvet pillow. Silverman then lets us in on her own pre-show ritual: a single breath mint. Not so fast — she doesn’t eat the breath mint. Instead it goes… somewhere else. In short, Sarah Silverman likes to keep minty fresh during a show by putting a breath mint up her butt.

Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust airs on Netflix Tuesday, May 3oth, and we can hardly wait for every hilarious (and hilariously inappropriate) moment.