Rachel Paige
Updated Dec 19, 2014 @ 11:51 am

Call this a bit of a mid-week Hanukkah miracle! HBO has just picked up a pilot from our very funny friend, Sarah Silverman. We’d watch the show based off of that information alone, but a short description has also been given — it’ll be about a “pathologically honest woman having a modern mid-life crisis.” Sign us up.

This still untitled show, if picked up, will mark Sarah’s first return to a series on the small screen, since the end of The Sarah Silverman Program on Comedy Central. And that ended in 2010. That is five years too long! Give us our Sarah!

Sure, she’s done a few stand up specials, and voiced Vanellope von Schweets in Wreck-It Ralph, but it does feel like we’ve been living in a tragically Sarah-light world. Considering the newly acquired surplus of funny ladies on our televisions — Hi Amy Schumer! Hi Broad City! — we’d be just honored to add Sarah to our DVR rotation. Side note, this doesn’t mean the show has been ordered to series, just that it’s jumped through that first fiery hoop. Keep jumping Sarah! You got this.

As of right now, Sarah is slated to both direct and executive produce. Lucy Prebble, who did Showtimes’s Secret Diary of A Call Girl will write the script. And we, as the viewers, will watch and love every second of it. No news on dates yet, but that’s ok. We’re fine waiting just a little bit longer.

Image via here.