Rachel Paige
Updated March 27, 2017
Emily Kneeter for the Paley Center

In case you’re new to this planet, here’s what’s going on: Emmy winner Sarah Paulson is literally the embodiment of sunshine and happiness. Her sheer radiance is only made brighter when she’s in the company of widely celebrated national treasure, Kathy Bates.

Now that you’re up to speed, the two blessed the PaleyFest stage together for American Horror Story: Roanoke, and it didn’t take long for The Sarah and Kathy Show to begin. Not that we’re complaining. Their banter started off innocent enough, with the two teasing each other, whispering back and forth, and just having a good time.

Eventually, that led to Sarah launching into a Kathy Bates impression that is SO GOOD it will probably EGOT.

As Sarah explained to the crowd, for Season 6 of AHS, Sarah and Kathy actually shared a trailer. That meant that they were only separated by a thin wall. This was good news for Sarah, bad news for Kathy: Kathy, trying to get into ~character~ as the undead Butcher for Roanoke, started practicing her accent aloud, and Sarah could hear everything.

Kathy then got her own slice of sweet revenge later on in the panel, when she turned the tables on Sarah. When discussing the roles that Sarah’s played on the show, Kathy mentions that Lana Winters is one of her favorite — and then does a spot on Lana Winters impression. Like, so good. (But also, NSFW, Sarah swears during the clip.)

Ryan Murphy already has enough shows on the air right now, but if he’s looking for another, we wouldn’t be opposed to an *actual* Sarah and Kathy Show