Credit: Instagram/Sarah Michelle Gellar

Given the fact that it’s summer and it’s also SCORCHING HOT, most people are trying the best they can to enjoy the season. But it seems like no one is having quite as many relaxing time as all-time awesome person Sarah Michelle Gellar. We couldn’t help noticing that going through her feed, she’s got some seriously amazing snaps. Here’s SMG…

Reading with a whole swimming pool to herself (score!).

Eating a delicious sweet snack! Actually that’s SMG’s husband, Freddie Prinze, Jr., but still, we’ll take it.

Engaging in a fun yoga workout.

Munching on yummy salted caramel ice cream.

Working out with a stellar view.

Vacationing on an exotic island (okay, REALLY jealous now).

Feeling the sand between her toes.

Paddleboarding with her daughter.

Chillin’! (Actually the caption for this says she’s currently working at her computer while daydreaming about this day, but we had to include it for obvious reasons.)

And finally, being OH-SO-CUTE with her adorable family.

Hopefully you’re feeling sufficiently inspired, because it looks like SMG knows how to relax in style with her family. Happy summer days to all!