Shaunna Murphy
February 09, 2017 6:39 am
Warner Bros.

There are few things that give us more joy than ’90s TV reunions, so naturally, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Seth Green’s ongoing Buffy the Vampire Slayer love affair is the only thing getting us through this snowy, apocalyptic Thursday.

On Wednesday afternoon, Gellar posted a photo with her former costar and long time friend in celebration of his 43rd birthday. And while their characters rarely had much to say to each other onscreen — Oz didn’t have too much to say to anyone, actually — Gellar clearly enjoys gushing about Green IRL, as evidenced by her lovey-dovey birthday caption.

For anyone shaking their heads at Gellar’s math, know that she’s well aware that Buffy didn’t premiere 33 years ago. (Though it will be 20 years in March, which…well, god save us all from the brutal passage of time.) Gellar and Green actually first met in the mid-’80s, when they booked a Duncan Hines commercial together.

She posted another Insta tribute to said commercial — and to her long, long friendship with Green — last summer, noting that the two had been “causing trouble together” forever as “#childhoodfriends.”

Green, of course, famously left Gellar’s iconic series after two-ish seasons to pursue his film career, which was pretty much the worst thing that happened to us as teens until Tara showed up and made everything okay for us and for Willow Rosenberg.

We’re glad there were and are no hard feelings, and that Oz and Buff are still hanging out (at The Bronze?!) so, so many long years later.

But like…maybe invite Cordelia next time? Just a thought.