Shaunna Murphy
December 19, 2016 10:58 am

For some reason, we always just assumed that our favorite celebrities didn’t have to make Christmas and Hanukkah lists — after all, what do you get for a person who can buy Hamilton tickets whenever they want?

But Modern Family star Sarah Hyland has a pizza-centric Christmas wish; one that’ll make every ‘za-loving human cry tears of relatable anguish-slash-joy.

On Sunday, December 18th, Hyland posted an Instagram photo with her boyfriend Dominic Sherwood, and the caption is a great reminder that A) Hyland is funny and relatable as heck, B) she has her priorities straight, and C) we’re not crazy, celebrities do absorb calories like normal human beings.

“All I want for Christmas is….. to be able to eat all the pizza in the world and still have abs without having to workout…. oh yeah and you 😉❤️ @domsherwood,” she captioned the snuggly pic.

While we firmly believe that a gal should be able to eat pizza without worrying at all about her abdominal region, we also totally acknowledge that keeping fit is part of a TV star’s job these days, and admire Hyland for being so forthright about the fact that celebs don’t typically have their figures based on genetics alone. A whole lot of personal training goes into those biceps, too.

So on that note … would having Hyland moonlight as our pizza binge and workout buddy be too much to ask for?

Work it, girl. And we’ll see you at the gym … after the holidays.