Alongside being a great actor, one of the reasons we love Ryan Reynolds is for his honest and and hilarious approach to parenting. So when Reynolds spoke about taking his kids on an airplane, we just knew that things would be absolutely hilarious.

If you’re not already following Ryan Reynolds on Twitter you need to stop reading, go and do it, and then come back. Done it? Well, now you’re following Ryan Reynolds on Twitter, you’ll become aware the he has one of the social media platform’s funniest accounts. The 40-year-old actor regularly shares hilarious parenting “tips,” that are just so wrong (but so, so right).

Well, now Ryan Reynolds has appeared on Good Morning America where he got brutally honest about taking kids on aeroplanes, and we can’t stop laughing.

Firstly, the breakfast show’s hosts brought up Reynolds’ tweets, noting that some of them were pretty close to the bone.

Expanding on what he meant, Reynolds joked, “At two years old they just have to rip off their clothing and introduce themselves to everyone on the plane.”

“It’s like, ‘please can we land!’” he finished.

Watch the hilarious story below.

Omg, it’s so bad but SO true.

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