Ryan Lochte Kayla Rae Reid

Competitive swimmer and star of Dancing with the Stars Ryan Lochte and model and playmate Kayla Rae Reid have just gotten engaged!

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The couple, who have been together for nine months, announced the news via their Instagram accounts and it’s so cute we’re not 100% sure we can handle it.

Ryan uploaded a gorgeous picture that certainly highlights a ring on a certain finger.

Also sharing a picture online, Kayla wrote:

While there had been reports as recently as August that Ryan was actually single and even on a dating app, he told USA Today following a certain incident in Rio that he knew that Kayla was for him.

Aww, this is SO cute!!!

Expanding on how the couple became an item, Ryan said that it was basically love at first sight when they met at a club in January this year, and that he just had to message her on Instagram almost immediately.

Okay, so if that doesn’t sound like love we don’t know what does.

We actually couldn’t be happier for Kayla and Ryan. Regardless of mistakes made in the past, it’s always nice to see a two people in love and expressing it. Raise a glass from us, guys!

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