While promoting his new film with Michael B. Jordan, Creed, Sylvester Stallone was asked to dream cast some of his most iconic movie roles. When asked about an actor to replace him as John Rambo for a Rambo reboot, Stallone made an unexpected (but perfect) pick: Ryan Gosling.

When Cinemablend caught up with Gosling to tell him about Stallone’s pick, he barely believed it himself, saying (and we quote), “If you’re lying, you’re an awful person.” That said, Stallone being one of Gosling’s favorite actors, Gos was, of course, super-honored. “Just the fact that he knows my name is exciting … He’s the best, I’m genuinely touched that he said that.” It’s nice to see Gosling being so humble, but let’s be honest, there’s probably not a single person in the U.S. who doesn’t know who Gosling is.

There are no plans for a Rambo reboot right now, but we’re on the train if it means getting to see Gosling play the iconic role. Can someone create a Kickstarter to make this project happen, like, yesterday?

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(Images via Twitter and OddLot Entertainment)