Jill Layton
Updated Apr 22, 2016 @ 9:59 am
Hey Girl meme
Credit: Warner Bros.

Ryan Gosling has already captured our hearts a million times over, but he just really sealed the deal in a new video discussing the “Hey Girl” meme with Russell Crowe.

Here’s the backstory: Ryan and Russell are starring in the movie The Nice Guys together, which is due in theaters on May 20. And naturally, they’ve become really close. So close, in fact, they started going to couple’s therapy together. Well, fake couple’s therapy.

As promotion for their movie, and probably for the sake of comedy, they started putting out hilarious videos of the two of them discussing their problems in couple’s therapy.

Credit: Warner Bros.

They cover a lot of issues.

Credit: Warner Bros.

In their latest video, they cover one really, really important issue: the “Hey Girl” meme. Russell expresses his concern that his friend is involved in the commercialism of creating Ryan Gosling-adorned everything. Ryan reacts. And it’s all so brilliant.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Within the one minute and 36 second video, we learn something absolutely shocking. You may want to sit down for this. Oh, you’re already sitting? Great.

Gosling has never actually said “Hey Girl.” Are you OK? And in fairness, he has been denying he ever said it for about a year now.

See for yourself: