Sophia Elias
Updated Aug 13, 2015 @ 11:34 am

Another day = Another opportunity for Ryan Adams to tease our 1989-loving hearts.

Since announcing his plan to cover Taylor Swift’s 1989 album in its entirety, Ryan Adams has been loyal to documenting his experience on social media. Surely, this must be karma for all of our good deeds.

So far, he’s previewed solemn, indie rock-ified versions of “Bad Blood,” “Shake It Off,” “Welcome To New York,” “Blank Space,” and a particularly Smith-sy rendition of “All You Had To Do Was Stay.”

As of last night, Ryan Adams added Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” to his catalog of covers. The rocker gave a retro twist to the soaring love ballad, steeping the tune in a moodiness that only his voice can achieve. The cover stays true to the ’80s vibe Ryan’s been channeling throughout the album redux. To be clear, it kinda sounds like Arcade Fire performing in 1987, which by my estimation, is a very good thing.

OH. Did we fail to mention? Ryan will also be covering 1989 bonus tracks, “Wonderland,” “You Are In Love,” and “New Romantics.” With only four songs left to record, we’re longing to get our hands on this album sooner rather than later. And, seeing as though Ryan Adams works at the speed of light, we’re really hoping this is the case! Listen to the Ryan’s snippet of “Wildest Dreams” below. Also, if you suddenly want to run along the beach in acid washed jeans at dusk, let us know. Because we do too.

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