Krista Jensen
Updated Jan 28, 2017 @ 12:10 pm
daniel radcliffe
Credit: Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images

When it comes to all things Harry Potter, there is no such thing as too little. Which is why when we learned of a Harry Potter lookalike marching around Russia, we had to report back. While we didn’t know exactly what to expect, our hearts exploded when we saw Nikolai Posleda, merchandiser in the chocolate and cookie industry and totally not a wizard at all, posing on Instagram like a true-blue Daniel Radcliffe body double.

Posleda lives in Krasnoyarsk, a city in southern Siberia in Russia, and says his friends started noticing a resemblance about five years ago. Uh, friends, we would have realized this resemblance in about five seconds, moments before ambushing him and realizing that he’s speaking Russian.

“Most of the time people walk by and say to each other something like — wow — look, it’s Harry Potter! Sometimes they want to take a picture, but not too often, thank God. They don’t ask for my autograph, but a couple of times people have started speaking English with me.”

This coming just after the naming of an highly secretive species of crab that “[eluded] capture for 20 years” after none other than the double-life living Severus Snape, the reaction to another Harry somewhere out there is proof that the fanfare is still as strong as ever.

When asked if he was a fan of the wizarding world, he told Cosmo that he is a fan. “I’ve read the books six to eight times already,” he said. “I rewatch the films sometimes as well. Only I don’t really like Goblet of Fire too much.” Don’t tell J.K. Rowling.

*Sigh.* We’ll never be over our infatuation with Harry. The more the merrier, especially if anyone needs an understudy when The Cursed Child goes on world tour.