Hey girl, are you looking for a tale as old as time? Yes. Yes we are. If you couldn’t tell from our excited headline, there are some serious rumors swirling that Ryan Gosling is being considered for the role of The Beast in Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast.

According to The Tracking Board, Gosling is Disney’s “top choice” for the role of the “Beast” in the film, which already boasts the wonderful Emma Watson as our new Belle. The movie isn’t going to be a complete reproduction of the original story, but rather a remake of the animated Best Picture nominee from 1991 as a live-action film. Confusing? Just a little.

Basically, this means that Gosling will have to sing (but the Beast doesn’t sing a whole lot. Belle’s really the one who continuously bursts into song). Also, he’s going to have to dance, along with giving Belle a beautiful library. Hey, no complaining here!

Gosling has reportedly been offered the role, and now we will all hang out and wait patiently for our Prince Gosling dreams to come true. This only raises more questions like — they’re not going to CGI his beautiful face away and cover it with matted hair, right? Or would that just make his dashing third act transformation even better? Either way, we’re in.

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