Eliza Gold
Updated May 01, 2018 @ 2:41 pm
Credit: Caroline McCredie/Getty Images

Ruby Rose is a true testament to the hopeful saying that time heals all wounds.

While the Australian actress, model, and DJ is often associated with the good fortune of chiseled cheekbones, full lips, and piercing eyes (and arms decorated with tattoos), beneath her cool girl swag lives an ongoing battle with depression, and she just got next level honest about it in a beautiful Instagram post.

In her touching and crushingly honest caption, Ruby wrote:

It is admirable and courageous that the Orange is the New Black star publicly shared her struggles. But it also speaks to her journey that 30 year-old beauty was able to translate her personal story into an inspiring message. Whether or not we have personally struggled with depression (and many of us have), #wealldeservetobehere and #wealldeservetobehappy are words of wisdom we can all live by.