Natalia Lusinski
December 10, 2016 11:32 am
Warner Bros.

We’re huge fans of Harry Potter and Hamilton, and we love love love that J.K. Rowling and Lin-Manuel Miranda have a big thing in common. A few days ago, Rowling and Miranda shared the sweetest tweets about their favorite (mutual!) moment in Harry Potter, reported Time. So awesome, right?

How did it come about? On December 7th, there was a tweet thread called, “POP CULTURE EVENTS FROM WHICH I HAVE STILL NOT RECOVERED, MANY YEARS LATER.” Miranda then gave a shout-out to book six, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Remember when Harry and Dumbledore are fleeing the cave, the one where Dumbledore drank the potion of despair? We know — how could you forget?! That’s what Miranda referenced in his tweet.

And in true Rowling form, she responded.

Awwww. Don’t you love their exchange, not to mention that moment? Of course, there are ~so many~ magical moments — no pun intended — in the Harry Potter series, but some do stand out more than others. Now that we mention it, we’ll brb. We’re going to begin a Harry Potter marathon — rn. Who’s in?