Ross is coming back to TV! While our dream Friends reunion show is still a few years down the road (in our minds) David Schwimmer will soon find himself in a brand new sitcom, and it already sounds hilarious.

Set to air on Channel 4 — that’s a channel in the UK for anyone not up on their TV stations from around the world — Schwimmer will star in Morning Has Broken. It’s about a failing morning talk show that brings Schwimmer’s American TV producer in at the last second to save the show from being canceled. According to Variety, “After eight years of high ratings and winning awards, things begin to go wrong… when the program loses viewers and tensions break out within the production team.”

It sounds a little bit like The Newsroom, mixed with the Rachel McAdams movie, Morning Glory. But, Morning Has Broken will be a comedy, and probably a dark one at that.

The show is being helmed by Julia Davis, and she’ll also star as the head of the morning program on the show-within-a-show. Davis is known for her dark comedic take—her other show, Nighty Night, follows her character, Jill, who pretends to be a widow even though her husband is still very much alive.

Channel 4 has ordered six episodes of the series, and it’s set to air next year. And I know, six isn’t s whole lot, but there’s always hope for more. And don’t worry, if you’re dying to check this out and don’t live in the UK, Ross and his new TV show will make its way to the states somehow. Paging Netflix. . .

(Image via NBC)