Becca Rose
Updated Oct 07, 2017 @ 4:44 pm
Romeo and Juliet dogs
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What does it take for two dogs in love to go viral these days? Maybe the only necessary ingredients are daily devotion and an understanding dog owner who is willing to encourage dog courtship. And of course, willing to snap a pic and share it with their tens of thousands of Twitter followers. That part’s important, if you want the news of your forbidden romance to be seen ’round the world over. These two dogs (we don’t know their names! We need to know their names!) are in love and ready to be reunited each day on a morning walk by.

Twitter user @finah started it off this time with a tweeted photo of a dog enjoying the company of her paramour. false

We know the golden dog is Juliet, and her Romeo is a neighborhood dog who like to lean out over his fence as far as he can to say good morning. This got us straight in the feels – and we’re not alone. false

Twitter users responded with GIFs, meme, and copious RTs and faves. false

Some called for a dog wedding.

Others found it depressing that dogs can find true love when humans can’t.

Then we found some creative answers to “what are the dog’s names?” question.

Now, nothing gets past Twitter detectives.

Some found an original tweet that it looks like tweeted this image a year ago.

Whoever’s dog this is, we just need to know: Can you bring her everlasting happiness? Maybe arrange a pup playdate with the neighbor dog? They deserve more playtime than just a nose-to-nose during the daily walk. If they do ever get a playdate, can we get an update on this meme? Better yet, let’s put this call out now. If you’ve got a dog with a neighborhood dog friend, please post it so we can make this an actual social media meme. We deserve a little cuteness in the daily news cycle, right?