Sophia Elias
March 23, 2015 12:39 pm

Just when we thought it wasn’t possible to love Robyn any more than we already do, the “Dancing On My Own” singer announced that she’ll be launching a female-focused tech festival next month. Like, what? That’s amazing.

In an effort to pique the interest of tech-minded girls around the world, the Swedish-born love of our musical lives is launching Tekla, a one-day tech festival in Stockholm, Sweden. In partnership with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), one of the largest technological higher learning institutions in Scandinavia, Robyn hopes to motivate young women (ages 11-18) who might be interested in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Just to give you an idea of what’s on the sched, the festival will feature countless workshops, motivational speakers and of course, a concert put on by Robyn herself. Need we say more? Can we charter a HelloGiggles plane to Sweden, please?

“Too few women are applying to KTH programs,” Robyn said in a statement. “Tekla is a festival for girls, in which they get to sample different areas of future technology in what I believe will be a fun and imaginative environment.”

The Tekla festival won’t be Robyn’s first rodeo with KTH. Just two years ago, Robyn was awarded KTH’s Great Prize in 2013 for the creative use of technology in her music. Also KTH President, Peter Gudmundson, is a pretty endearing Robyn fan. As he said in reference to her 2013 award, “Through her music, her entrepreneurship, and her integrity, she is an amazing role model to many and she makes use of new technology in an exciting way . . . Also, I personally like several of her songs.” Smiles.

Following her award two years ago, KTH students showed their love for Robyn by building a Robyn robot for her — which is basically the best way we’ve ever heard of to show someone your appreciation.

The hope is that this Tekla festival will encourage many more interested young girls to follow this tech path and hopefully build robots (or whatever else they’re into!) in their futures.

Tekla is set to take place on April 18th in Stockholm, Sweden. You can visit the festival’s website for more information.

P.S. Since we probably can’t make it to the festival (and we don’t speak Swedish), we figured we’d share a little tidbit of wisdom from the woman herself. Here’s Robyn waxing inspirational on women in tech.

Just reason 28,274 why we’re die-hard Robyn fans.

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