Alim Kheraj
December 08, 2016 2:51 am
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images For Roc Nation

It’s not a surprise that in 2016 people are still pitting successful women against each other to cause unnecessary drama. That’s why we’re not surprised when people thought Rihanna was throwing shade at Beyoncé over an Instagram post about the Grammys.

Now, both Rihanna and Beyoncé are two of the most successful women in music. This year, they both released the albums of their careers, Anti and Lemonade, and, rightfully, they’ve both been nominated for ALL THE GRAMMYS (Beyoncé has been nominated for nine awards and Rihanna for eight).

The pair are up against each other in two categories, Record of the Year and Best Urban Contemporary Album, and we’re sure that if either one of them wins that the other will be pretty darn happy about it.

However, because we can’t have nice things, some people thought that Rihanna had been throwing shade at Beyoncé.

The whole “drama” occurred because Rihanna liked a picture on Instagram by a fan who had taken gripe with the fact that RiRi hadn’t been nominated for Song of the Year and Album of the Year and Beyoncé had.

Beady eyed music fans were quick to note that Rihanna (@badgalriri) had liked the picture, which was of the singer at carnival with the word “shook” emblazoned on it.

Rihanna, however, was having none of this.

Making her intentions known in the comments section below @rihannagang_ ‘s picture, the 28-year-old star noted that she hadn’t even read the caption below the picture and that she CERTAINLY wasn’t making a dig at her sister, Beyoncé.

Fans were quick to praise Rihanna for rising above the drama.

“you are the greatest idol ever i love you so much ❤,” one fan wrote.

“absolutely honey!!! Give thanks to God for everything he done! We don’t want more just love the way we have,” said another. 

Despite this positivity, some fans were just annoyed that Rihanna hadn’t been nominated in the other categories.

@badgalriri the problem isn’t just put black women agains each other, but give the real value in who really deserve it! And you deserved be nominated in AOTY! Is not about the color, is about put who really made a good work in the right place! Only this!!! And I think the Grammy Academy is unfair! Lov u ❤️,” wrote one irked fan.

As Rihanna said, this fake drama is just another excuse for people to put successful women against each other. Despite the fact that Rih and Beyoncé support each other, it seems that people still can’t imagine a world where both women are on top of their game.

We take our hats off to Rihanna for handling the situation with grace and poise and we can’t wait to see both women SLAY the Grammys next year.