Shaunna Murphy
February 22, 2017 8:37 am

We have good news and bad news, Rihanna fans.

The good news is, this brand new Bates Motel trailer shows Rihanna girl going all “Kiss It Better” with her onscreen love interest Sam Loomis (played by recently departed Walking Dead alum Austin Nichols) in Rih’s first TV love scene.

The bad news is that she’s playing Marion Crane and, well, we all pretty much know what tends to happen to Marion Cranes.

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“I’ve been here before,” a rain-soaked Marion says around the 30-second mark in the trailer. “I was here with my boyfriend.”

The fifth and final season of Bates Motel premiered on Monday night, and while the series hasn’t officially announced when Rihanna will show up as Marion, the sixth episode — set to air on March 27th — being titled “Marion” is a pretty strong clue that we still have a few weeks to go.

In a recent interview with WWD, the series’ executive producer Kerry Ehrin and director-slash-star Nestor Carbonell sang Rih’s praises, noting that she was a huge fan of the show — she showed up to set calling the actors by their characters’ names — who totally worked her ass off, while also filming Ocean’s Eight concurrently.

“My gosh, she’s so hardworking,” Carbonell said. “In five days alone, she had the monstrous task of doing, I think, 35 pages and working with multiple directors. It was a tall order and boy, did she come to the party.”

“The goal was to make her feel like a regular woman who is working a regular job that wasn’t really getting ahead the way she wanted to and was in a relationship that was frustrating to her,” Ehrin continued. “She’s trying to figure these things out and solve these issues in her life…The thing about Rihanna is she’s stunningly charismatic on film. You can’t take your eyes off of her. But within that, we wanted to make her blend into the show and feel like a real part of it.”

Can. Not. Wait.

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