Risa Sarachan
Updated Apr 02, 2015 @ 6:18 pm

For this weeks on Inconvenient Interviews, Rhea Perlman and I chat through a private yoga lesson from her daughter, Gracie DeVito. Between stretches, Rhea shares so many good things with me, like: her favorite television shows right now, why she absolutely LOVES being on The Mindy Project, her inspiration for Carla on Cheers, being star struck, how to deal with nerves, and (perhaps most importantly) what she keeps in the mini pantry next to her bed.

Be sure to check out Rhea’s upcoming film I’ll See You In My Dreams, in theaters May 15th (it got some amazing reviews at Sundance this year), catch up on The Mindy Project if you haven’t already, and, finally, WISH RHEA A HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! Rhea’s birthday was March 31st, so be sure to pop over to Rhea’s Twitter and send her some love and check out Gracie’s Yoga Studio for all of your Yoga needs 🙂

Thanks for watching guys. See you next time!!