Briana Hansen
Updated Aug 25, 2016 @ 4:17 pm
Credit: murdockmotion/YouTube

An editing mastermind, YouTube user murdockmotion, has just brilliantly inserted the beloved Jar Jar Binks into the Rogue One trailer and we cannot stop laughing. The trailer itself starts out just like the real Rogue One trailer, with the familiar Star Wars theme gently but intensely playing in the background as the dialogue sets up some pretty high stakes.

Our floppy-eared hero is then asked to state his name for the record (just like in the original teaser) and we hear that squeaky and playful Jar Jar voice say, “Misa called Jar Jar Binks.”

And that’s when the trailer starts to stray from its inspiration and become something completely different (and totally hysterical). Rather than watching a brave hero fearlessly facing a powerful intergalactic threat, we see a way-out-of-his-league Gungan readily admitting that he’s not equipped for the task at hand.

The rest of the video is filled with a little something for everyone. There’s an awesome sequence with a surprisingly adept Jar Jar in the heat of action followed by Ewoks running bravely into battle, carrying much more serious artillery than the stones and traps they were previously known for.

Credit: murdockmotion/YouTube

Then, of course, there’s the a cameo from Chewbacca Mask Lady herself, who is surprisingly adept at taking down Storm Troopers while still enjoying the heck out of her new mask.

Credit: murdockmotion/YouTube

To commemorate how different it is from the other Star Wars trailer, it even has its own name.

It’s titled Rogue Binks: A Star Wars Story.

The whole video is everything we both never and always wanted to see. It’s a strange mix of seeing our adorable heroes fight each other with little sprinkles of some of the most iconic Star Wars characters showing up for good measure.

Since Rogue One is all about rebellion, we love this little rebellion from the norm and would definitely enjoy this movie (if it were real, obviously). Check it out for yourself.