Lilian Min
Updated Dec 10, 2016 @ 10:56 am
Credit: Universal Pictures

2016 has been a rough year, but never fear. I’ve got something that’ll make you feel something close to wonderful.

Enter, Reese Witherspoon and Nick Kroll’s EDM cover of Taylor Swift’s plenty-already-poppy “Shake It Off.”

If you’re now asking yourself, “Self, what is going on here?”, allow me to explain. Witherspoon and Kroll are cast members for the upcoming musical ensemble Sing, with Witherspoon’s Rosita the pig playing a large part in the story. She even gets a kicky solo sizzle reel:

The film’s cast no shortage of celebrity voice talent, including Matthew McConaughey, John C. Reilly, Seth MacFarlane, and Scarlett Johansson. Bringing some singing chops are Tori Kelly and Jennifer Hudson, who gets to tackle none other than “Hallelujah” in the film’s soundtrack.

It appears that Witherspoon and Kroll’s characters perform together, and giving them a song like “Shake It Off” should make for some great comedy on screen. Listening to the song on its own, with those great value Skrillex beats, is a choice one must make on one’s own. Witherspoon can hang onto the careening track; after all, she tackled June Carter Cash for Walk the Line. Kroll’s going for personality more than pitch, so there’s that.

The rest of the soundtrack is at similarly hit-or-miss-but-that’s-not-the-point; props to whoever put the whole shebang together, because it’s certainly a feat.

Listen to the rest of the Sing soundtrack below: