Kit Steinkellner
Updated May 10, 2015 @ 12:58 pm

Last night, in a burst of pre-Mother’s Day sweetness, SNL’s host Reese Witherspoon used her opening monologue to apologize to her mother, “the love of her life” for being “a total nightmare from the ages of 5 through 37.”

Reese then invited her mother Betty (and the mothers of the cast of SNL) onstage so that she and the cast could apologize for “real, terrible things we did to them” and then present them with bouquets in penance for their child crimes.

There were SO MANY cute apologies. Sasheer Zamata apologized for breaking a girl’s glasses, requiring Zamata’s mother Ivory to buy her a new pair, but Ivory awesomely stands by her daughter after all these years and hilariously high-fived her daughter for her elementary school shenanigans. Kate McKinnon apologized to her mother for “being weird” and her mother came back with the very sweet “It’s okay that you’re weird because weird got you here.”

And of course Reese had an amaze apology for her mom:

“OK, this is bad guys, but Mom, I’m really sorry that that one time in high school, I told you that I was going to go sleep over at Ashley’s house, but instead, I checked into a hotel with my boyfriend,” Reese explained.”But then I felt so guilty, that I left and went back to Ashley’s house. Do you forgive me?”

“Of course, sweetheart,” her mother graciously replied, and then, without missing a beat, told Reese that she and the SNL mothers were now going to exact vengeance by embarrassing Reese and the cast with home movies.

We can’t decide which clip was funnier, “Baby Aidy” doing karaoke to Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in a Bottle” or Cecily Strong cramming all the melodrama of a Lifetime movie into a fifteen-second scene about the perils of drug use. We don’t have to decide, this video is just eight and a half minutes of incredible, check it out below!