HelloGiggles Team
December 30, 2014 9:00 am

This was a really REALLY good year for movies. And while the world was going crazy over bigger, more mainstream fare like Guardians of the Galaxy and The Fault In Our Stars (and, don’t get us wrong, we were too!), the HelloGiggles editors and contributors became obsessed with films that were just a little more offbeat, if not downright weird. Here are our pics for best movies of the year.

We Are The Best!

Jennifer Romolini: This perfect little Swedish movie (tagline: Three Girls vs. The World) captures everything you ever felt about friendship and boys and family and love when you were 13 and sets it to a punk soundtrack in snowy ’80s Stockholm. It is the most special thing I saw all year.


Sophia Elias: It told the less-heard story of famous actors, specifically superhero actors who want nothing more than to be taken seriously. It’s funny and devastating.

Dead Within

Piper Weiss: A tiny little post-apocalyptic zombie movie which came out on Netflix earlier this year, the film explores the claustrophobia and paranoia that comes with the fear of disease.


Elena Sheppard: Boyhood did something no movie has ever really done before—it let you literally see the passage of time.

Obvious Child

Lindsay Roberston: Appropriate Behavior and Obvious Child were pretty amazing female-driven comedies.


Erin Mallory Long: The movies I liked the most from 2014 are all over the place. Oh, shoot, I also loved Guardians of the Galaxy!

The Lego Movie

Rachel Paige: Can I say The Lego Movie? I know I’m not its target audience, but the writing and animating was nothing short of, dare I say, awesome.

The Theory of Everything

Jill Layton: I really love anything that reminds us how fragile and small we are.

The Grand Budapest Hotel 

Gina Vaynshteyn: Oh, Wes Anderson. Your quirky tales and bizarrely endearing characters will never, ever cease to amuse me and remind me there is so much subtle beauty in everything (even just a delivery truck filled with boxes of pastries). This film is about a concierge, Monsieur Gustave, and his ever-faithful lobby boy, Zero Moustafa. The two hilariously battle a wealthy clientele’s villainous family (Adrien Brody! Willem Dafoe!), who are upset that after her death, she left an important painting, Boy With Apple, to Gustave (whom she slept with on occasion). Hilarity, as usual, ensues.