It’s just been announced that Rebel Wilson, everyone’s favorite mermaid dancer, will star in a remake of Private Benjamin, an ‘80s flick that stared Goldie Hawn (or Kate Hudson’s mom, for those who aren’t up on their ’80s cinematic education). While there are some ’80s movies that should never be touched (leave Ferris Bueller alone) there are plenty of vintage movies that would benefit from a reboot with some modern talent.

Alexis Bledel as Baby in Dirty Dancing

She’s already mastered the bookish, ambitious type with a soft spot for bad boys.

Jennifer Lawrence as Claire and Aubry Plaza as Allison in The Breakfast Club

Let’s be honest, Plaza would probably dust a drawing with dandruff snow just for fun, no role required.

Anna Kendrick as Veronica in Heathers

Or she could just wait a few years and star in the film adaptation of the musical. So she’d get to be murderous, and belt it, which she’s been doing since she was a teenager.

Mindy Kaling as Sally in When Harry Met Sally

The season finale of The Mindy Project could act as her audition. No one else need apply.

Shailene Woodley as Watts in Some Kind of Wonderful

And in a nod to her hippie cred, maybe Woodsley could play the lute instead of the drums.

Amy Poehler as Phyllis in Troop Beverly Hills

It’s can’t be much harder than wrangling the Pawnee Goddesses.