Brittany Malooly
Updated May 26, 2016 @ 2:28 pm
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We all know and love Rebel Wilson. She’s incredibly talented, hilarious, and real. In her films, she seems to go above and beyond the call of duty to make things funny, but we recently learned that she (for the most part) draws the line at nudity.

In an interview with Marie Claire, Rebel discussed the pressure to go bare in one of her recent films, The Brothers Grimsby:

“[Filming Grimsby] They wanted full-frontal nudity. We write in the contract, specifically, “No nudity”. They got in another girl — this larger burlesque dancer from South Africa — to be a nude double. And they got her to do all this stuff. Sacha [Baron-Cohen, co-writer and fellow star of Grimsby] would go, “See, she looks good.” I’m like, I’m not doing it. I don’t care what you say.'”

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Rebel also discussed, in a vulnerable moment, her crippling shyness as a child. She explained, “I was so unusually shy, bordering on a social disorder. So my mum — one day she drives me to this community acting class. I was holding on to the car door and crying. She had to peel me off the car. She’s like, ‘I’ll pick you up in two hours,’ And she left me.”

Rebel, we’re glad you came out of your shell (even if the method was a bit harsh). You are a treasure.

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