Karen Belz
July 27, 2016 11:11 am
TV Tokyo/Cartoon Network

When you’re pregnant, you might look at pop culture for some trendy names for your baby. If you meet a “Chandler” that was born in the mid-’90s, you can pretty much guarantee that Friends inspired the moniker. And, if you meet a baby named Khaleesi or Sansa, you know that family is big into Game of Thrones. So, it shouldn’t be a big surprise that new Moms have been inspired by popular game app Pokémon Go, especially since the app might have helped distract them from the anxiety that is the third trimester.

You might be gritting your teeth right now, but the good news is that baby Charmander and Bulbasaur have yet to be born. Also, hey, YOLO — name your baby whatever brings you joy.

The most popular Pokémon names for girls, according to BabyCenter, are actually Roselia, Eevee, and Onyx, all which are on the rise from prior years. For boys, the name Ash is gaining popularity — obviously based on Ash Ketchum, the Pokémon trainer we all know and love. The website tracks name trends among the community, and it was obvious that many Moms let the thrill of catching Pokémon influence their bigger life changes.

The news didn’t seem to surprise Babycenter’s global editor-in-chief, Linda Murray. “Parents are always looking to pop culture for baby name inspiration and, right now, it doesn’t get hotter than Pokémon Go. It’s possible that parents’ enthusiasm for the game will reignite their love for the brand and spark a full-fledged naming trend,” she said.

The good news? Since Pokémon has been around for such a long time, these names aren’t technically going to fall out of style by next year, when people get tired of spending their coins on additional Poké Balls. The bad news? Well, future kids might not be too thrilled that they were named after a popular game. But hey, they’ll get over it. And they’ll probably even end up collecting a few cards of their namesake with their friends when they hit elementary and middle school.