Rachel Paige
September 04, 2015 12:58 pm

Once upon a time Angelina Jolie wasn’t an Oscar winning humanitarian. Once upon a time, she was just a young acting student trying her best to totally nail a scene. Knowing what we know now about Jolie, it should come as no surprise that in the recently found video footage of Jolie in that moment she completely knocks our socks off, even at age 25.

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, and someone with a video camera back in the year 2000, footage of a young Jolie has made its way online. While the video is 15 years old, it has just been “unearthed” now. Putting things in perspective, 2000 means that Jolie was in between her roles in Girl, Interrupted (for which she ended up winning an Oscar) and Gone In 60 Seconds. Two completely different roles that ended up being ultra defining (not to mention star launching). We love them both and now we’re totally loving this stripped down and simple performance, too.

What we’ve got here is Jolie running through a whole range of emotions with a scene partner. She laughs a little bit, she cries, and she reminds us that before the fame, the glamour, the glitz and Hollywood husband, she was just an amazing actress going to class.

Check out the 15-year-old clip below.

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[Image via YouTube]