I wouldn’t particularly call myself a “romantic,” but there is something about the movie Love, Actually that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I think when you set something on a Christmas background, it instantly seems to have more meaning somehow.

Still, even around the holidays, everything can’t be all roses and mistletoe. Here is my list of Love, Actually couples in order from least to most romantic.

8. Harry and Mia

Harry is being creepy and although he didn’t technically cheat on his wife, I don’t like it. Mia is young and single and gets hit on all the time – why does she have to go for her married with children boss? And she’s not messing around, either. “Buy me something pretty.” Who does this girl think she is?! Poor Karen, with her kids annoying her and her Prime Minister brother ignoring her all the time, deserves way better.

7. Sarah and Karl

It’s not that I don’t love this storyline. Every girl knows that feeling Sarah has when Karl asks her to dance at their holiday work party. And then he takes her home and they kiss and he wants to come up?! That little dance she does on the stairs says it all. But he essentially ignores her for about 2 years, 7 months, 3 days and one hour and 30 minutes, then almost has what I can only imagine would’ve been a one night stand with her. She’s always going to put her brother first, and this dude makes little effort to show her he’d be cool with that. He’s totally hot and seems nice enough, but I still think she could do better.

6. Colin and the American girls

I don’t know how romantic having a five-some is, but there is something magical and victorious about this funny looking dude following his dream and making it come true. He went to America and used his British accent to instantly attract women. It’s funny because it’s true – there’s something about that accent that makes plain old American girls go a little crazy. It’s not romantic, but it’s kinda cute.

5. Jack and Just Judy

Some might say that there is nothing romantic about two nude body doubles hooking up, but there is something sweet in their approach. Jack is so careful to make sure Judy never feels uncomfortable, warming up his hands and making small talk. Actually, for two people who take their clothes off for a living, they’re both pretty vanilla. So it may not be the most romantic couple ever, but I find them sort of endearing.

4. Mark and Juliet

Some people would argue that a guy going after his best friend’s wife is rude, not romantic. But c’mon – that carol singers thing he did was too good to ignore. The heart wants what the heart wants. He tried keeping his distance for the sake of his best friend, but like he says, “on Christmas you tell the truth.” Granted, the wedding video homage to Juliet’s face was a little creepy, and she probably shouldn’t have kissed him after his poster speech, but what’s a forbidden romance without a little blurred lineage? Mark is too cute not to eventually find love and Juliet and Peter seem to live happily ever after, so no harm done.

3. Sam and Joanna

Still just a boy, Sam stops at nothing to impress the girl he loves. He locks himself in his room to teach himself how to play the drums until he is good enough to back her in their school’s Christmas show. Any man who takes that much interest in your life to win your heart is a true romantic. And how about the time he risked juvenile imprisonment to say goodbye to her in the airport? This kid is way ahead of the romantic man curve. (Shout out to Daniel for being the best stepdad ever.)

2. The Prime Minister and Natalie

Can you imagine falling in love with the young, handsome, single leader of your country and him being in actual love with you back? Being kind of a plain Jane and winning the heart of the most powerful man around with love at first sight?! Making him nervous to be around you?! I’ll give it to Natalie – she’s has some jingle balls to confess her love to the Prime Minister, but the risk paid off. He literally went door to door to find her – talk about a gesture way more romantic than sending a text message. She isn’t afraid to take charge, she keeps him totally grounded, and they are in super fun and happy love.

1. Jamie & Aurelia

It’s been said the international language is love. Jamie and Aurelia can barely understand a word the other is saying, but their mutual love, respect and admiration for each other is so clear. And then what does he do? Learns portuguese, drops everything, travels across the world, marches through her town, and publicly proposes to her in front of all of her coworkers and family and friends. And then we find out she secretly learned English too, “just in cases.” I don’t know if he’s going to stay there, or if she’s going to move to England, or if they’ll even get along once they realize that they pretty much contradict each other constantly when they speak. But who cares?! “Yes is being her answer,” and I’m so happy for them!