Johnni Macke
Updated Aug 21, 2016 @ 1:29 pm
Credit: Dualstar Productions

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen can solve any crime by dinnertime, but some of the crimes are just plain strange. During all of their Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley movie series the twins managed to solve numerous crimes with the help of their dog Clue — who is the cutest bloodhound ever — but now that we’re grown up we’ve realized there were some odd crimes in some of the plots. Check out the weirdest and most random crimes the girls solved over the years below.

The Case of the Logical I Ranch

This 1994 adventure all began because of gross smells and weird noises on the Logical I Ranch. The strange part about it was that the employees assumed it was a dragon running loose. A dragon? Come on, that’s ridiculous! Spoiler alert: it wasn’t a dragon, it was oil.

The Case of the Shark Encounter

Mary-Kate and Ashley used this film to discover where the strange sounds in a shark tank were coming from after three pirates claimed there were singing sharks in their tank. If the sharks were actually singing, would that have really been a noteworthy investigation people? We don’t think so.

The Case of the Christmas Caper

OMG, Santa? This actually was one the best best mystery movies, but the crime itself is a little questionable. Throughout this 1995 film, Mary-Kate and Ashley used their crime-fighting and detective skills to uncover who hacked into Santa’s computer and stole the “Spirit of Christmas,” which was the plane Santa used to deliver all the presents. Luckily, the girls showed everyone what the holiday was really about while cracking the case. PS: Were still confused on how the girls knew Santa needed their help.

The Case of the Volcano Mystery

While volcanoes are fascinating, and being smart enough to solve this crime was badass, we can’t get fully on board with how this mystery was brought to the girls’ attention. In the Volcano Mystery they received a call from miners of marshmallows, yep, marshmallows, saying that a monster who threw snowballs had been terrorizing them. It’s insane! It ended up being ash, not snow, that geologists were using to warn them that there was an active volcano where they were working. Yikes.

The Case of the Fun House Mystery

Alright, this was SO much fun to watch, but the crime was bizarre. When something is making scary noises inside the amusement park fun house (which doesn’t sound weird, but whatever), the girls have to figure out who or what it is before it’s too late! Their clues were “Monster Mush” and bananas, which eventually led them to find the culprit… an orangutan.

The coolest mysteries that the Olsen and Olsen Mystery Agency solved however were the following two cases:

The Case of the SeaWorld Adventure

In this 1995 movie, Mary-Kate and Ashley were at SeaWorld visiting their parents who are dolphin trainers when they run into a dead body in the woods that eventually leads to a cruise ship where they try and solve the mystery. It is one of the more intense mysteries they ever solved because it involves a dead body, which was actually a ruse to get the whole family onto the cruise for a family vacation. So cool!

The Case of the Mystery Cruise

This was the sequel to The Case of the SeaWorld Adventure and revolved around the girls’ father’s laptop being stolen while on a cruise ship. They used their detective skills to discover that it was all a staged occurrence and not a crime committed by a friend of their father.

Whether or not the crimes were truly dire, we adored The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley growing up and we still love them now.