Elizabeth Entenman
Updated August 13, 2018

It seems like rumors of a reboot of The Office are always circling. Back in December 2017, news broke that NBC was seriously considering an Office reboot. Two cast members, Angela Kinsey and Creed Bratton, were immediately on board. Then, in February, John Krasinski said he would totally be down to “get that gang back together.” That’s like, basically a third of the essential Dunder Mifflin employees right there. But now, another actor is ready to reboot The Office. And he already has an idea for how to make it happen.

Rainn Wilson played Dwight K. Schrute for nine seasons, and it appears that he’s ready to give a tenth season a go. Well, sort of. At the premiere of his new movie, The Meg, he joked about how NBC could bring new episodes to life.

“I would like very much to combine The Office reboot with The Meg,” Wilson told E! News. “Can you picture Stanley, Oscar, and Jim getting eaten by a giant, prehistoric shark? I can.”

Honestly? So can we. This concept is rife with possibilities for Dwight. Wilson’s character would definitely have a lot of shark facts and survival tactics to share with the crew.

Okay, so Wilson was kidding about mashing up The Office with The Meg.

But in all seriousness, it sounds like he would be down to revive The Office in the future. That’s yet another actor to add to the growing list.

Unfortunately, the chances of an Office reboot happening soon are probably pretty slim. But in the meantime you can go see The Meg, which is now in theaters, and brainstorm all the ways the two worlds could combine. The possibilities are endless.