How to Get Away with Murder (HTGAWM) has kept us on the edge of our couches since the pilot episode aired last September. We followed criminal law professor Annalise Keating and her top students as their lives became a tangled web of lies, deceit, sex, and (naturally) murder. Like its sister series Scandal, the levels of drama and OMG moments will surely escalate to new heights when the show returns at 10 o’clock tonight.

The first half of season one hardcore captivated us with charismatic characters and extreme plot twists. And, in classic Shonda Rhimes fashion, loose ends in the plot and thought-provoking interactions led to hours of speculation on social media. Now, we have more than a few questions that we need answers on during part two of season one. Here a few things we desperately want to know as HTGAWM returns:

Where the heck is Michaela’s ring?

Every episode of HTGAWM includes flashbacks of Wes, Michaela, Connor, and Laurel as they combine their law student smarts to figure out how to dispose of a dead body. As the weeks went by, we saw their plot unfold as they relocated the body to the woods and decided to burn the remains. In the midst of an already insane situation, Michaela was horrified to find her engagement ring missing. While this is enough to make any girl’s heart skip a beat, it is undoubtedly worse when a ring is lost in the middle of a crime. Annalise’s star pupils may think they are experts at how to get away with murder (see what I did there?), but Michaela’s ring may cause their house of lies to come crumbling down.

What is the deal with Wes and his Rebecca obsession?

Wes, we need to talk directly to you for just a minute. We appreciate your attempt to be a good citizen to your suspicious neighbor, but you are taking it a little too far. You randomly met Rebecca, found out that she and her “boyfriend” were suspects in a murder, and put your future on the line to help protect her. First, she took your olive branch and broke it in half when she called you a fake lawyer in front of the police! Then, after a couple of steamy hookups, you actually committed murder for her. This is a serious problem, Wes. We don’t think Rebecca should go to prison for a crime she allegedly didn’t commit, but we don’t understand why you love her. Maybe we will discover the source of your fierce loyalty soon.

Why did Nate lie for Sam Keating?

We all knew we were going to get a juicy story when Professor Keating sent her cop boyfriend Nate Lahey to spy on her shady husband. However, he threw us all for a loop when he blatantly lied to Annalise. Nate said Sam’s, “I was at Yale, so I couldn’t have killed my side chick” alibi was solid instead of telling the truth. Hmmmm. Perhaps he was in cahoots with Sam Keating. Or, maybe Sam knew about Nate’s affair with Annalise and he used his knowledge to blackmail the detective. We don’t know why they have a strange connection, but our brains are working overtime trying to figure out the details.

Is Wes really clueless? Or is he a natural born killa?

Wes may be fooling Annalise and his classmates with his “I’m clueless” resting face, but we are not quite as gullible. He freaked all of us out after calmly taking the coveted “get out of a test” trophy and bashing Sam Keating in the head. And, in the aftermath of the murder, he continued to make unusually calm and calculated decisions. It’s possible that Annalise may have been coaching him along and helping him keep the situation under control after she found out about her husband’s murder. But, his willingness to murder and weirdo obsession with Rebecca is worthy of a serious side eye. The remainder of this season will hopefully give us more background info on Wes so we can figure out if he is just a clueless kid or a natural born killa.

Can we trust anyone on this show?

How did so many deceitful people manage to come together? Every person on this show has a shady side. Both Annalise and her husband were involved in deceitful affairs. Nate Lahey is a liar, Wes is super suspect, and Rebecca doesn’t seem trustworthy either. Connor is a known user and Asher’s family status was built on lies. Even Michaela was revealed to NOT be a privileged princess. Laurel, seems like a normal person but she probably has a few hidden issues too — most notably cheating on her boyfriend. And similar to Annalise, her employees Bonnie and Frank are willing to break the law and betray people for their own personal gain. We don’t know who we can trust! We will be sure to keep our eyes on literally everyone when HTGAWM comes back tonight. Oooooooh this is exciting!

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