Bridey Heing
Updated July 23, 2015 4:29 am

As anyone who has watched the original Star Wars films knows, Princess Leia is a totally ass-kicking, day-saving, critical part of the story. She’s amazing, strong, fierce, and not someone you want to mess. And yet, when it comes to toys based on her character, all too often one scene is used as inspiration — Leia’s brief time in Jabba the Hutt’s custody, dressed as a bikini-clad slave. That’s disappointing to us, and it’s also disappointing to all the little girls out there who love Princess Leia and want to remember her as the heroine she is.

Fortunately, Hot Toys has come to the rescue, with a Princess Leia figurine that does our beloved Princess Leia full justice! Finally.

Not only is this Leia fully clothed in her classic white belted dress, she’s ready to straight up fight the Sith. She’s 10 inches tall, with 28 points of articulation, meaning you can pose her in a ton of different ways.

Plus, she has five different hands you can switch out, all featuring a different weapon hold. She’s also got a blaster pistol and a blaster rifle. This Leia is a full badass.

The figurine is insanely lifelike — look at the detail on her hair and that, “Do not even think about stepping to me,” face! Hot Toys, you have truly outdone yourself here. Hot Toys, PS, makes TONS of super lifelike movie-hero focused toys. It should be noted they have a fully kickass Maria Hill from The Avengers, as well as a totally BA Scarlet Witch.

Although the Princess Leia toy won’t be on sale until late this year or early next year, we’re glad toy companies are starting to come through with toys that actually portray Leia for who she is: A no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners badass. You can pre-order your Leia toy on the Hot Toys site now. Slay, Leia, slay.

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