Kathryn Lindsay
Updated Jun 08, 2016 @ 9:03 am
pretty little liars poster
Credit: Freeform

Pretty Little Liars doesn’t return to our screens until later this month, but we’re already nervous. That’s because the recent teasers and posters are giving us some major hints about the fate of one of the characters,and not in a good way.

First, there was the trailer that came out last month. The hashtag #SaveHanna fills the screen as we watch the remaining Liars scramble to figure out where she is. The teaser ends with a flash of a girl’s body dangling in a net of ropes in the church, but we’re not sure who it is. Even if the Liars do find Hanna, it’s looking more and more possible that won’t mean their troubles are over. false

Then, if you’d believe it, things got worse. On Tuesday, a bunch of the actresses from the series, like Shay Mitchell and Troian Bellisario, shared the newest poster for the season on their Instagrams, and someone pretty important is missing:

At first glance, it looks normal — until you realize, “Hey, that’s Alison.” So where’s Hanna? Could this be confirmation that the character is really dunzo?

Ashley Benson, who plays (played? Ahhhh!) Hanna in the series has been weirdly quiet on her own social media. In fact, she was one of the few actresses who didn’t post the image, which might just be the nail in the coffin (literally) about her role in the upcoming season.

We know the only way to find out is to watch, but with so much time between now and June 21st, we’re sure the theories will get even crazier. The only thing we know to expect from Pretty Little Liars is the unexpected, and that’s why we love it.